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Exercises for the treatment of eye

Bring two pots small, and fill one with water, and the other with iced water, and immerse a piece of cloth in each, then place the cloth hot on your eyes for half a minute, and then lift it put its place piece wet with iced water for half a minute again, then repeat the process for a few more minutes, then massage the palms of your hands to your eyes for a minute again.
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Stay away slightly from the computer screen, and then start to move the pupil of your eyes in a circular motion for several minutes.

Close your eyes, and then exercise some relaxation exercises, so move your head up and down the vase close your eyes, and then to the left and right, and so for a few minutes.
This exercise will benefit your neck, too, as well as the muscles of your face will give some relaxation.
Close your eyes, then place two fingers on each and press gently for 3 seconds, and then repeat the process ten times.

Imagine yourself standing in front of a giant clock, then look at the heart of this time, and then move your eyes and look in any corner of this last time without moving your head at all, and repeat it for 12 times.
Hold the pen and then straighten your arm, and move vertically until it reaches the level of your nose, and then move it horizontally right and left and you follow the pen with your eyes without moving your head, and for a period of two minutes.

Install your head, then lift your eyes up and focused for a few seconds, and then slowly move your eyes down, and repeat it ten times Invert the exercise and then move your eyes slowly horizontally from right to left without moving your head.

The view from your window on any purpose you just 50 meters, at least for a few seconds, then count into your room and look at the inside for another purpose, then look out the window again. Thus, repeated it five times.

The use of laser in the treatment of sexual impotence and venereal diseases infectious

Professor of Sexual Health and Dermatology Medicine, there are new technologies related to the uses of lasers in the treatment of delayed childbearing among men, and the use of lasers in the operations of varicocele, and improve the results of IVF and IVF The DNA tests, as well as what the future holds in the near means to extract and activate sperm function, and stimulate the production of sperm in the laboratory of the initial sperm cells, which may open a broad prospect in intractable cases of delayed childbearing.
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Lasers can be used in the treatment of cases of sexual impotence associated with cases of disease, and surgical intervention for the laser treatment.

There is new research and the future of the latest laser applications, in order to remedy deficiencies and sexual impotence by stimulating laser to increase the production of compound (Nitric Oxide), which may occur a major breakthrough in the field of treatment of ED in the future,

the most important materials that have multiple uses to beautify the skin and sexual health, such as fillers and fillings, which contain a substance acid, which are used in injection genitals in males and females in the case so requires, especially in cases of small genitalia, and some cases of female genital mutilation, which is accompanied by weakness sensation during sexual intimacy.

How to contribute injection "Botox" in the treatment of prostate cancer?

Did not leave doctors effort only invested in the treatment of cancer in all its forms, even cosmetics have conducted research them in order to reach what can be used in the prevention or treatment, and did not go these efforts in vain;,
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where studies have shown modern efficient injection of Botox, which is used to reduce wrinkles in reduction of cancer tumors.

In the new issue published newspaper "Daily Mail" the British, the results of a research study led by researchers from the University of Texas and the University of Pittsburgh Americas on Botox injections "Botox", which originally used to reduce facial wrinkles.

The researchers for the first time to examine the effectiveness of Botox injections in reducing cancer tumors,

 and the disclosure of its role in reducing the symptoms of enlarged prostate or what is known as "benign prostatic hyperplasia", which proved its role in targeting the nerve-related tumors, and the results revealed clinical effectiveness in reducing the size of the disappearance of tumors when injected BOTOX prostate gland.

. Arterial catheter is the last solution for the treatment of angina pectoris

Needs angina patients to accurate diagnosis in order to give proper treatment and treatment of disease as angina pectoris said depends on the following:
First: Preventive treatment includes:
Quit smoking.
Alto-tralasby treatment
Limit the intake of foods rich in cholesterol and animal fat.
Quitting alcohol and alcohol
Exercise regularly, especially walking.
Adjust blood pressure.
Adjust the level of sugar in the blood.
Weight reduction and treatment of obesity
Taking aspirin 75 mg per day after lunch, but if there is a medical reason why such sensitivity of aspirin and stomach ulcers.
Secondly pharmaceutical treatment includes:
Even comfort and pain go away.

Nitrite and tablets and It helps in expanding coronary veins, and thus treat angina and its complications disappear after a period of treatment.

Aspirin tablets 75 mg, 81 mg and 100 mg preferably taken up after lunch and complications of bleeding and inflammation, stomach ulcers, allergies and taken with caution for patients with stomach ulcers.
Tablets to treat should preferably be taken the evening before going to sleep.

Tablets stating to treat high cholesterol and high triglycerides in the blood, such as Crestar and other multiples muscle weakness and inflammation of the liver, treat high blood pressure.

In the event of the failure of previous drugs in the treatment of angina patients are advised to conduct a catheter to the coronary arteries to determine the degree of distress with work to expand the narrow artery and stent, and are advised to perform a bypass in the case of narrow and clogged coronary arteries in several.

The beauty of that unstable angina, which is suffering the patient from acute pain sustained for a long time in the chest during rest, and this pain for medicines advised the need to transport the patient by ambulance equipped to the nearest hospital, where the patient is placed intensive care for the patient’s heart and remains there until his condition improved.

What is the treatment of swallowing disorder?

Explains, a professor of pediatric surgery saying, that the treatment of swallowing disorder is eating enough food and increase the protection of the respiratory tract, and the rehabilitation of great importance in the treatment of dysphasia and swallowing to allow safe, and he needs to cooperate on the part of the patient, and the ability to understand, and follow the instructions and the typical treatment programs, which include the following:
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Giving food by mouth with adjustable cohesion, taking into consideration that the food thick over control of oral pharyngeal, while chopped or mashed foods reduce the difficulty in chewing.

This includes food several types, first type contains fluid light (such as fruit juice, coffee, and tea), and the second type is the liquid easy casting (such as tomato juice, and soup), and type III in the density of honey, and type IV in intensity pudding (such as bananas mashed, and cooked grains, and purees), and Type V foods, soft mechanical (such as meat loaf, and canned beans), and type VI foods chewable (such as cheese, cakes, pizza), and type VII foods that break down (like a living, and rice cakes) The eighth is a type foods mixed textur

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The high myopia when freezing thick glass

The high myopia when freezing thick glass is very heavy and moreover optically reduce the eye, with a large difference (more than 2.5 diopters) in the vision of the two eyes when conventional achieve full points of view it is impossible, with the so-called "lazy eye."

 In addition to medical indications soft contact lenses are appointed by professional reasons, athletes, doctors, builders, etc. Anyone who has put on contact lenses have a unique experience - first you learn to live with them, and then realize how annoying you their absence.
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Benefits lenses before points:
Vision becomes more natural dimensions of objects close to the present; There is no distortion inherent in points, with eye movements, as contact lenses move with the eye;

Not limited to the rim glasses sight, with rain and snow drops or snowflakes do not fall on the lens; Contact lenses do not fog up when the temperature or humidity, the lens will fit any style of clothing, hairstyles, makeup.

Disadvantages lenses:
All lenses are made in such a way that they provide the necessary constant air cornea and contact with a tear, but it is competent only within certain time limits.

 More preferably, from this side, soft contact lenses, but, on the other hand, soft lenses can trap and accumulate biological waste from the cornea, which can affect negatively, especially in long-term wearing lenses.

There are many different lenses with different material

Immediately say: do not worry choice "glasses or lenses?" If the doctor (ophthalmologist is, not an optometrist in the store) said something, and another to show you, then rejoice and order something, and more. Because each of the methods of vision correction has its pros and cons, alternating as needed, glasses and lenses, you avoid the disadvantages and collect all the pros.
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There are many different lenses with different material, design, mode of wear, durability, etc fundamentally different soft and hard contact lenses. Soft lenses, unlike hard, have a much lower probability of accidentally dislodged or fall out of the eye, in addition, they are much easier and more comfortable with virtually the first donning.

 But when soft lens absorbs moisture, dries, it loses its flexibility and becomes brittle and rigid lens has constant properties, regardless of whether it is wet or dry. Rigid lenses provide sharper and clearer image. Astigmatism is easily corrected with using hard lenses, and it is much harder, and sometimes impossible, soft lenses.

Another advantage of hard lenses is that they are more durable and much easier to clean from contamination.

Modern contact lenses can solve almost all problems of that previously solved only points. In addition, contact lenses - one way vision correction, which is effective in cases where the correction glasses do not give the desired result.