Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Exercises for the treatment of eye

Bring two pots small, and fill one with water, and the other with iced water, and immerse a piece of cloth in each, then place the cloth hot on your eyes for half a minute, and then lift it put its place piece wet with iced water for half a minute again, then repeat the process for a few more minutes, then massage the palms of your hands to your eyes for a minute again.
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Stay away slightly from the computer screen, and then start to move the pupil of your eyes in a circular motion for several minutes.

Close your eyes, and then exercise some relaxation exercises, so move your head up and down the vase close your eyes, and then to the left and right, and so for a few minutes.
This exercise will benefit your neck, too, as well as the muscles of your face will give some relaxation.
Close your eyes, then place two fingers on each and press gently for 3 seconds, and then repeat the process ten times.

Imagine yourself standing in front of a giant clock, then look at the heart of this time, and then move your eyes and look in any corner of this last time without moving your head at all, and repeat it for 12 times.
Hold the pen and then straighten your arm, and move vertically until it reaches the level of your nose, and then move it horizontally right and left and you follow the pen with your eyes without moving your head, and for a period of two minutes.

Install your head, then lift your eyes up and focused for a few seconds, and then slowly move your eyes down, and repeat it ten times Invert the exercise and then move your eyes slowly horizontally from right to left without moving your head.

The view from your window on any purpose you just 50 meters, at least for a few seconds, then count into your room and look at the inside for another purpose, then look out the window again. Thus, repeated it five times.

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