Wednesday, 19 February 2014

How to contribute injection "Botox" in the treatment of prostate cancer?

Did not leave doctors effort only invested in the treatment of cancer in all its forms, even cosmetics have conducted research them in order to reach what can be used in the prevention or treatment, and did not go these efforts in vain;,
Introduction Darwin Smith

where studies have shown modern efficient injection of Botox, which is used to reduce wrinkles in reduction of cancer tumors.

In the new issue published newspaper "Daily Mail" the British, the results of a research study led by researchers from the University of Texas and the University of Pittsburgh Americas on Botox injections "Botox", which originally used to reduce facial wrinkles.

The researchers for the first time to examine the effectiveness of Botox injections in reducing cancer tumors,

 and the disclosure of its role in reducing the symptoms of enlarged prostate or what is known as "benign prostatic hyperplasia", which proved its role in targeting the nerve-related tumors, and the results revealed clinical effectiveness in reducing the size of the disappearance of tumors when injected BOTOX prostate gland.

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