Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The high myopia when freezing thick glass

The high myopia when freezing thick glass is very heavy and moreover optically reduce the eye, with a large difference (more than 2.5 diopters) in the vision of the two eyes when conventional achieve full points of view it is impossible, with the so-called "lazy eye."

 In addition to medical indications soft contact lenses are appointed by professional reasons, athletes, doctors, builders, etc. Anyone who has put on contact lenses have a unique experience - first you learn to live with them, and then realize how annoying you their absence.
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Benefits lenses before points:
Vision becomes more natural dimensions of objects close to the present; There is no distortion inherent in points, with eye movements, as contact lenses move with the eye;

Not limited to the rim glasses sight, with rain and snow drops or snowflakes do not fall on the lens; Contact lenses do not fog up when the temperature or humidity, the lens will fit any style of clothing, hairstyles, makeup.

Disadvantages lenses:
All lenses are made in such a way that they provide the necessary constant air cornea and contact with a tear, but it is competent only within certain time limits.

 More preferably, from this side, soft contact lenses, but, on the other hand, soft lenses can trap and accumulate biological waste from the cornea, which can affect negatively, especially in long-term wearing lenses.

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