Wednesday, 19 February 2014

What is the treatment of swallowing disorder?

Explains, a professor of pediatric surgery saying, that the treatment of swallowing disorder is eating enough food and increase the protection of the respiratory tract, and the rehabilitation of great importance in the treatment of dysphasia and swallowing to allow safe, and he needs to cooperate on the part of the patient, and the ability to understand, and follow the instructions and the typical treatment programs, which include the following:
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Giving food by mouth with adjustable cohesion, taking into consideration that the food thick over control of oral pharyngeal, while chopped or mashed foods reduce the difficulty in chewing.

This includes food several types, first type contains fluid light (such as fruit juice, coffee, and tea), and the second type is the liquid easy casting (such as tomato juice, and soup), and type III in the density of honey, and type IV in intensity pudding (such as bananas mashed, and cooked grains, and purees), and Type V foods, soft mechanical (such as meat loaf, and canned beans), and type VI foods chewable (such as cheese, cakes, pizza), and type VII foods that break down (like a living, and rice cakes) The eighth is a type foods mixed textur

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